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Good Morning—my aunt Agnes Foltz lived behind the Medicine Shoppe, across from the large garages by the railroad track for many years. She was a steady customer of the Medicine Shoppe until about 11/2 years ago when she was continuously falling, unable to care for herself, and was moved to the Claremont Nursing Home in Carlisle. (I am her niece, by the way). My Aunt passed away on February 2 and we will put her to rest at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Hummelstown on Monday afternoon. [the 7th].
I don’t know if the staff has changed since the time she lived close to your Pharmacy and was a frequent visitor. If anyone remains who knew her, I wanted to say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart. She looked upon the staff there as dear friends and never forgot you in the interim time since she left. She had few visitors in her apartment/home other than my husband, myself, my children and grandchildren and her sister-in-law and was a very lonely person. Your friendship and kindness meant the world to my aunt and I can’t express the level of my appreciation. Spending a few moments with you from time to time, helped to put meaning in her life for which she was eternally (eternally now in the literal sense) grateful.
  Thank you again, and may God bless all of you that remain there and possibly knew her.