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FREE Health Screenings – Health screenings are offered at our Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies at least once per quarter. With advance notice, we can schedule screenings for the local community at an outside location.

Delivery – We specialize in your convenience. We promise to deliver your prescription to your home on time.

Medication Therapy Management – Our professional staff in conjunction with our state of art computer system reviews for all potential drug interactions which could adversely affect the patient. It is crucial to receive all your medications at one pharmacy and to inform your pharmacist of what over the counter medications you are taking. This will ensure a total review of your medication profile and identify any potential concerns.

Refill Reminder Program – This voluntary program is a tremendous benefit for medication compliance. A simple signature will allow your maintenance medications to be automatically refilled and available for you at your Medicine Shoppe, in plenty of time so that you do not run out of your prescription. With your approval our system will notify us when you are due and remind us to have your prescription filled and available for you. Stop in and ask your pharmacist more about this exciting program!

Billing Services – All qualified applicants have the ability to set up a charge account with Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy.

Price Matching – Even though 92% of prescriptions are filled under an insurance carrier system we understand the cost to those without coverage. We guarantee to have the lowest price. We ensure this by matching or beating every published price. For a register Medicine Shoppe customer we guarantee the lowest price 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Across the entire country under any situation.

Prescription Club – The prescription club offers low-cost generics. Our program also has the added benefit of offering many BRAND NAME drugs at significant discounts.

Insurance Acceptance – At The Medicine Shoppe, we accept most health and prescription insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare.

Specialized Packaging – The Medicine Shoppe offers many different types of specialized for our retail customers, including Time of Day envelope packaging, Daily Blister Packs, and Daily Pill Packs.