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What services do we provide?

From pharmacy consulting to immunizations and much more, our team is here to help long term care facilities, homes for the developmentally disabled, and assisted living facilities operate more efficiently. The Medicine Shoppe continues to evolve to fit the needs of its customers while keeping the same degree of professionalism and devotion we began with from day one. We view ourselves as your partner, one who is committed to providing the right medication, to the right patient, at the right time, for the right cost. It is through this partnership that we ensure residents have their medication needs met in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner, and that we support our facilities and their staff to provide care consistent with their mission.

Some of the services that we provide are:

  • Comprehensive medication delivery systems including blister cards, unit dose, OPUS Medication system, PacMed and Doc-U-Dose.
  • Comprehensive Drug Regimen Review (DRR) by pharmacist
  • Complete drug interaction monitoring, with appropriate follow up when necessary
  • After hours emergency services provided by on-call pharmacist
  • Participation in resident assessment and care planning activities
  • Monthly computerized Physician Order forms, Medical Administration Records and Treatment sheets
  • Medication room inspections
  • Medication pass reviews as needed
  • Routine deliveries
  • Packing list provided with all deliveries
  • Comprehensive Clozaril monitoring
  • Facility and staff in-service education and training
  • Direct billing to insurance companies or responsible parties
  • Competitive pricing for prescriptions and supplies
  • Comprehensive monthly statements
  • Access to complete clinical support
  • Medication utilization reports
  • Computerized reports available upon request
  • Quality assurance and Continuous quality improvement provided
  • Assistance with policy and procedure development

Medicine Shoppe Retail Pharmacy

When you visit one of our Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies you can expect to be greeted by knowledgeable Pharmacists and a Technical staff who are there to serve our customers.

At our Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies you will receive information and advice on Health, Medications and associated services such as Screenings, Medication Therapy Management, Specialized Packaging, Delivery, along with the personal care and attention customers should expect from their Pharmacies.

We take pride in caring for our Customers care and well being. Customers can depend on the Pharmacist to be a Health Care and Information Resource Center. Our Pharmacists participate in community events educating on topics like drug-drug interactions and how each medication can play a role in their lives. The principle goal of our Pharmacists is to help the patient achieve positive outcomes from the use of medication which ultimately improves the quality of life for those walking through our doors.

Being a Pharmacist with CL Cressler Inc is like being part of a large family. The company’s mission tells the whole story: "Create a culture that serves the public with services in the Pharmacy Health Care arena in every aspect, through the team work of our employees and Care Capital Management."

LTC Institutional

Our Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies provide professional pharmaceutical services to non-skilled facilities and assisted living communities in Pennsylvania and New York. . In addition to this geographic coverage we also provide a wide array of services designed to meet the specialized needs of many Long Term Care populations.

Our services are focused on the customized and personal care of every individual patient regardless of the situation. Medicine Shoppe customers can benefit from the personalized specialty unit dose packaging that is available click here to view options, delivery, 24/7 access to a pharmacist, pharmacy consultants, medical records and medical supplies.

Improving pharmaceutical care is the heart of service with Care Capital Management and Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy. The clinical expertise of our Pharmacist has allowed us to create and expand our roster of cutting edge clinical programs utilizing technological advancements to provide our clients and patients with opportunities to improve the quality of care for the residents they serve while reducing overall health care costs.

Our experienced staff will go well beyond a traditional pharmacies care and have the ability to offer one-on-one counseling and patient education. We also connect patients to services that can include home infusion, respitory care, durable medical equipment (DME) and insurance assistance. Our team approach is to work directly with our physicians, nurses and case managers to assist in resolving medication issues and to provide expertise in therapies and treatments.

Our pharmacies can offer proactive solutions to patients and families that are relocating from or to a personal care environment by preparing them with their pharmacy needs, disease state management and education. Our comprehensive mediation management system is efficient, structured and yet flexible enough to meet the needs of your specific needs.

National PACE Program

The National PACE Program offers all-inclusive care for the elderly when individuals are eligible for nursing home care but want to remain living within the local community. They provide authorized services such as Transportation, Physician and Nursing care, Prescriptions, Physical Therapy, Counseling, Medical Equipment and Supplies, In-Home Support, Meals, Social Activities and Family Support.

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy supports many PACE programs providing pharmaceutical services to consumers that are members of the PACE program. Our services include total patient care, drug chart reviews, billing to PBM’s, delivery of medication to the PACE facility and emergency delivery to residences. Our experience with the PACE program enables us to Partner with PACE Associations as the face of Pharmacy. To inquire more about Pharmacy services contact us toll free 866-227-8182.

340B Program

The program is administered by the federal Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA) and was established to help specific safety-net programs reduce their pharmaceutical expenses. The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies currently partners with Federally Qualified Health Centers to offer a 340B Drug Pricing Program. Our expertise with the program supports the Health Centers in development of the pharmaceutical services available to the underinsured or uninsured patient population. Additional services encompass inventory management, sliding fee price schedules, billing to insurances and customized patient reporting to the Health Center. To learn more about our Pharmacy services and the 340B Program contact us at toll fee 866-227-8182.


Daverci is a pharmacy-client and long-term care facility solution that simplifies the ordering and processing steps with via an automated system. This automated system provides up to the second MAR tracking for the facility while eliminating any communication errors with the pharmacy. The multiple reporting as well as staff time saving features helps to strengthen the relationship between the pharmacy and the facility. The state of the art system reduces the need for emergency deliveries, eliminates faxing orders to the pharmacy, reduces stress and staff turnover and provides med-pass productivity.


BlueStep is the first fully automated technology for Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Home Health, Troubled Youth and other health and human service sectors. BlueStep HQ is a web-based human services management application that integrates resident management, facility operations, customer service, marketing, medication administration, human resources, and other core functions. Information is entered only once and is automatically shared, depending on security levels, enterprise wide in real time. Data is secure and available 24/7 from any web browser.


Millions of Americans have unique health care needs that off-the-shelf prescription medications cannot meet. For them, personalized medication solutions – mixed safely by trained, licenses pharmacist are the only option to achieve the desired health care outcome. We offer items such as medication in suppository or lollipop form for use in Pain Management, Hormone Replacement, as well as any special formula your personal doctor uses. We also take it one step further and offer the same services for your loving pets. Our pet medication and Rx Compounding programs are available through our network of pharmacies.